45 days: day 22

Ugh. Not good. Not good. I lost it last night and ate a lot of stuff I should not have eaten. Cookies. Crunch Berries cereal. I am not happy with myself. Dammit! Couldn’t make it a week. I have to find a way to get through the nights off from work. They mess me up.

My weight is 179.6. I gained 1.2lbs since the last weigh in. Overall for my calorie counting week I lost a total of 2.8lbs. That’s not bad, but it could have been better.


45 days: day 20

Last night I broke down and had some cookies. I was craving bad and just gave in. There were some Lorna Doone cookies in my cabinet and I went to town. There were 6 cookies in the pack…210 cals. I was within my calorie limit, but still felt guilty.

I went to the gym and burned 221 cals. My weight came in at 179.4. Lost about 4oz since the last weigh in. Very happy that I am still in the 170’s. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Another night off from work and o more cookies in my cabinet.

45 days: day 19


This sucks. I hate it. But it has to be done or I am going to be overweight forever. Anyway, day 5 of counting calories. It isn’t horrible, but it is annoying. I ended up slightly losing my mind last night and chewed an insane amount of gum to keep from gorging on cookies. I did eat a serving of Tostito round tortilla chips. I was within my 1,200 calorie limit, but it still felt like cheating.

Since it’s my night off from work I went to the gym earlier than usual and burned 254 cals. I weighed myself and am at 179.8lbs. Yay! 170’s.


45 days: day 18

Feels like I was just submitting an entry. Time goes by so fast. Day 18 of the supplements and day 4 of counting calories. Still doing it. My calorie intake is going to be the same as yesterday because I’m eating the same thing I ate yesterday.  No harm in that.

I hit the gym to do 30 minutes on the treadmill and I burned 245 cals. I keep upping the speed and incline. But only if I feel like I can take it. If I start getting too exhausted I will take it down a notch. I don’t want to be miserable.

Weight-wise I am currently at 180.6lbs. Chipping away at it.

I am still worried about tonight because it is my night off. I will be craving cookies like a mad woman. And having cookies would not be so bad if I could eat just one or two. Not twelve.

45 days: day 17

Wow. I can’t believe I am 17 days in already. Day 3 counting calories. I think I’m getting used to it. I was sick most of the night tho. I think what I chose to eat last night was not sitting well with me. I also have a headache. Grrr…

I kept my cals under 1,200 today. So far under that when I tried to complete my food diary entry for today in My Fitness Pal, I was issued a warning that it was too low. It’s at 996 calories consumed plus I burned 233 cals at the gym. I think there is some fruit in the cabinet that I can eat to bump it up to the limit. I also have Oreos, but unfortunately, they are my enemy now.

I weighed myself and am currently at 181.6lbs. My night off is on Wednesday. I’m worried about it. I am fine controlling my eating while working, but being home all night may cause a problem. I hope not.

45 days: day 12

Still going strong. Have not missed a day of taking the supplements. I have been late taking them on my nights off form work. That’s only because I usually sleep later on those nights, but I still take them.

I hit the gym tonight. Did 30 minutes on the treadmill and lifted some weights. While lifting weights I was also staring at myself in the mirror. The last time I did that I almost fell over laughing. I’m so awkward. Tonight, when I looked at myself I thought that I had an ok body… except for my horrible mid section. My tits are ok. Well, in the right bra. Something else I need to work on- finding a proper bra. I’ve always like my legs. They aren’t of the chicken variety or too fat. My arms are alright. My body isn’t a complete train wreck. I just gotta get rid of the muffin top gut.

No weighing myself tonight. I don’t want to weigh myself until I get the eating thing under control. I keep eating at odd times and cannot get a good read on my weight. I like to do it at the same time every day. I’ll try for tomorrow night.

45 days: day 11

I totally forgot to blog last night. I took the supplements. No change. I am still avoiding the vending machine at work, but gorging on Crunch Berry cereal when I get home. I weighed myself, but can’t remember what the number was. I don’t believe there was a change. Still in the 180’s. Ugh.