45 days: day 5

I missed posting this at my regular time. I had another weird day. I was still feeling nauseous yesterday after I woke up and had to work on what normally would have been my day off. Top it all off with having a training class with people who made my anxiety shoot through the roof, it made for a pretty fucked up day. How I got through yesterday? I do not know.

I came home and ate a little, tried my best to calm down and went to sleep. I took the supplements before work and I still can’t tell if they are causing the nausea because the nausea never went away from the day before. So it still could have been the milk and donut I had after work the night before.

No gym.

I weighed myself after work. 181.8lbs. A one pound gain from the last weigh in. Not too upset about it though. I’m more worried about why I’ve been sick the past couple of days. This isn’t like me. I’m hoping it’s PMS related. It’s about that time. I don’t want to give up milk and donuts.