45 days: day 2

My body made a really weird turn today. More than likely my fault. I fell asleep with the AC on. I like to turn it on for a bit before I go to bed to let my apartment cool down. I woke up freezing, but other than a stuffy nose I felt ok.

I went through my usual routine of making dinner and getting ready for work. Everything was fine there. I took the two supplements with a cup of ginseng tea before I ate. Everything was fine there. I had a delicious dinner. Everything was fine there. I got to work and within fifteen minutes it all changed. My nose started running, I had to stifle several sneezes while I was on the phone, then my stomach felt like it was filling with gas. I started getting cramps.

I started squirming at my desk in pain. I searched my brain trying to figure out what triggered this. Of course I thought of the supplements, but didn’t feel like that was it. I thought maybe it was salmonella poisoning because I had chicken for dinner. Food poisoning? I don’t know, but I lasted about 45 minutes before I just gave up and hit the bathroom. Got it out of my system and felt better.

I made it through the work night. Stomach is feeling better, but I’m still sneezing and have a runny nose.

It’s a no gym night. Although, I did weigh myself. 180.8lbs. I’m sure that 2lb loss is due to a combination of water weight and stomach issues earlier. I’ll take it.