gotta start somewhere

A couple of months back a member of my old kik chat mentioned she had lost a significant amount of weight using a dietary supplement. It didn’t sound like she had to give up much which sparked my interest. I quickly forgot about it when all hell broke loose in the chat and I shut it down.

I thought about those supplements when I hit the gym again last week and failed miserably. Two days I lasted. I want to return, but I also need some help. My eating is getting out of control and my work schedule and depression are not helping matters.

I don’t see the supplements as some sort of magic beans that are going to make every thing simple, but I do feel like they will give me some motivation to stick with the gym and regulating my poor eating habits.

I did some research on the supplements and they had more good reviews and bad. The biggest complaints seem to be about the color and smell. I went to GNC and bought a bottle of “GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism”. A clinically studied multi-vitamin (it says that on the bottle).

Multi-vitamin. I tried those once and they made me nauseous. And I only had to take one of those a day. This one is two a day. I hope they don’t make me sick.

The bottle contains 90 pills and the dosage is 2 a day. 45 days of pills. 45 days to get myself on some kind of track.

I start today.